Why Wood Flooring ?

Because each floor is as unique and individual as you are and show you really care about your surroundings. Contrary to popular opinion, wooden floors have always been in vogue by discerning homeowners and corporations alike! Good taste and the charm of traditional craftsmanship or the colour and modern interpretation of traditional designs will never lack admirers.


As with all major household purchases cost is a factor however in the long run there is nothing more durable than a solid wooden floor.

Wooden flooring is one of the most powerful architectural design tools of both ancient and modern times and is only limited to the designers' own imagination. Possibilities include warm, traditional designs and modern designs incorporating both new colours and geometric layout plans.

Just about any species of wood flooring is available to order including oak, maple, ash and cherry in various styles, widths and grades, and all very reasonably priced.

We are very competitive but we never economise on either quality or workmanship.

Advantages on prefinished include ease of installation, adaptability and good acoustics.


The immediate effect, once a wood floor is laid, is to make your rooms look and feel much larger.

Natural wood shades, with natural wood grain and markings are decorative in themselves. You will have a UNIQUE floor, as no two trees or floors can ever look exactly the same.

Wood is a suitable flooring for all environments as it can compliment all decors. It does not matter what colour furniture or walls you have. It will enhance any other types of wood furniture you have in the room as well. It is purely a matter of personal preference which variety of wood is selected.

The effect of putting lighter woods, such as Maple, in upstairs rooms or dark rooms will brighten them at once. The only factors affecting which variety of wood to put where are personal preference and practicality, Maple and Birch, being the "palest" woods, may not be as well suited in the main entrance. But even this is down to life-styles.

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