Cleaning and Care

To clean your newly purchased wood flooring or existing wood flooring we offer a variety of cleaning products

  • Wax or oil finished wood flooring should be cleaned by the manufacturer's specified products. Contact us for details.
  • Wax or oil the floor once or  twice a year, about us often as you should shampoo your carpet.

To protect your wood flooring from unwanted scratching we offer easy glide self-adhesive discs and strips for underneath chairs, tables, and other furniture.


  • Lacquered or varnished wood floors need only to be swept or vacuumed to remove loose dirt before it can scratch or be ground into the floor's surface.
  • Moping with water can be detrimental to the finish. Clean only with approved products. Contact us for details.
  • Reapply a new layer of lacquer or varnish when required ( On average every 5 years), depending on traffic volumes.

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